Thursday, November 26, 2009


We spent Thanksgiving in Utah this year. It was our year to be in Oregon but with such a short weekend and a long drive we decided to spend it with our little family, Grandma Linda and Uncle Ken in our home. It was different not having a house full of people and multiple tables to set, but it was a great Thanksgiving. The girls were excited to help prepare the meal so we gladly let them. Cambrie helped peel potatoes or should I say a potato. Her peeler didn't work very well. But she didn't give up...she peeled that darn potato. Mykenna helped prepare the asparagus. I totally forgot to get a picture of us all at the dinner table, but I did catch the Wii action after dinner. Grandma bought the new Mario Brothers game and it was the entertainment for the day. Grandma, Kim and Cambrie woke up early the next morning, 3:30 am early, and did some black friday shopping. Cambrie definitely had her eyes opened to how crazy people can become when trying to get a deal. I think she will be a permanent member of our early bird club from now on. It was a great Thanksgiving and our family is blessed in so many ways.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bobcat Award

Parker has loved being in Cub Scouts. He has great leaders that have helped him progress. He completed all the requirements to receive his Bobcat award this past Pack meeting. They really made it a special moment. He was pushed in on a small fire engine truck and rang the bell the whole way. He then pinned the Bobcat pin on me and received his patch for his shirt. We are so proud of him!

The nights theme was "Salute Your Hero". The boys were asked to tell of someone that was their hero and bring a picture. We asked Parker who is hero was and he told us Jesus. When we asked him why Jesus was his hero he replied, "Because he loves me." He didn't end up getting up with the other boys that night, but I am so grateful he knows Jesus loves him and he is his hero.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Go Spartans!

Rob's football team made it to the championship game again this year. Kellee and the girls were able to come with us to watch the game. The kids had a great time playing together and eating oreos. It was a great game and South played very well, but Walquist ended up winning. Looking forward to next year.