Friday, April 10, 2009

Wheeler Historic Farm - Spring Break

We decided to check out Wheeler Historic Farm as part of our Spring Break. It was so much fun! We found out they milked the cows at 5 p.m. so we meet everyone there a little before. We met up with Mom, Hilly, Yates family and England family. Kellee brought some bread, so we feed all the different ducks and birds when first go there. Cael was fascinated with them. Some were as big as he was but that didn't scare him. Of course, Parker went straight for the water and all the machinery. Cambrie and Mykenna loved all the animals. When it came time to milk the cow everyone chickened out except for Rob and Cael. What a good sports.

Don't Eat Me!!!!!

Isn't this a great picture of Cambrie! We went to the Dinosaur Park over Spring Break as well! Lots of fun!

Brothers at work uncovering the dinosaur eggs. Soooo Cute!

This is a slide at the playground. Isn't it cool!

Feeding the ducks and huge fish in the creek.

Another neat slide on the playground. Cute kid!

Just so stinking cute!!! :)

Like Father, Like Son! Great Pic...

These are robotic dinosaurs. The kids thought they were pretty cool.

Kids had a great time feeding the bunnies at the end.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bowling and Miniature Golf - Spring Break

We had a great time with Grandpa Bry bowling. We went to Fat Cats bowling in Ogden. The kids are getting pretty good with all the bowling we have done the past couple of months. After bowling Grandpa Bry and Cambrie left to have a little date. They went shopping for soccer shoes and then went out to eat at Cambrie's favorite restaurant The Olive Garden. She was totally spoiled. Thanks Grandpa Bry! Rob and I stayed at Fat Cats and took the other kiddos minature golfing. It was glow in the dark which made it really cool to walk through.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Union Station!

Another adventure with Grandpa Bry during spring break! Off to the Union Station we went. It is right here in Ogden and we have never been. The kids had a great time!

Trains to explore outside. This is the Olympic Torch one.

It is amazing how big some of the trains are.

Inside playing in the engine and honking the horn. A favorite of the kids.

Watching the small trains going around and around. This was really fun. The kids would run through the halls following the trains. Another favorite! We spent a couple of hours here and will go back again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

South Weber Easter Egg Hunt

This year we decided to try South Weber's Easter egg hunt. After $3 per child, having each child in a different section of the park, and every section starting at the same time, I think next year we will save our money and stick to doing our own in the backyard. This is how it all played out. Grandpa Bry took Cael to the 3 and under section. I took Cambrie down to the 10 and older section and quickly took a picture of her. Luckily we found one of her friends and told her to find me after. I then ran Parker over to the 7-9 section and told him not to leave that section until I came back for him. I then went to Mykenna's section and stayed with her until the horn went off. Luckily Rob came moments before the hunt began and was able to be with Parker. They had the fire engine start the hunt by honking it's horn. Well it went off and it scared Mykenna and she began to cry and wouldn't leave my side. My great parenting skills kicked in at that moment. I wish I could say I picked her up and held her and comforted her, but nope...I had paid $3 for her to fill her basket with candy and make a great memory. I did give her a hug, but I then picked her up and put her inside her section and told her to get going or she wasn't going to get any candy. It took her a few seconds and more "encouragement" from me, but she finally got into it. I clicked a few pictures of her and then met Rob and tossed him the camera so he could try and get some pictures of Parker. Didn't happen. The older the kids, the quicker the candy disappears and the hunt is over. Glad I got a picture before it started. Grandpa Bry said Cael was so anxious to get into his section and get the candy before the hunt began, but he too froze when the horn went off and wouldn't let go of Grandpa's leg. Luckily, they had some premade bags of goodies for the 3 and unders ... so I grabbed one for each of my kids. Had to get my moneys worth right. :)

Museum of Natural History

It was so much fun to have Grandpa Bry here for our spring break. The kids had a whole week off, while Rob had Thursday, Friday and the following Monday off. So to start the week out we went to the Museum of Natural History on the U of U campus. It was a free and we had a great time.

Cambrie jumping to see how high she can make the seismograph go.

Digging for fossils.

They had the coolest frog exhibit. All kinds of frogs. Parker and Mykenna loved this tank. They could stand up in the center of it and look out at us.

When you put money in the dinosaurs mouth it would growl at you. Except we found out it was a picky eater. Didn't growl when you put pennies in it. What a rip off! :)

Trying to put the dinosaur bone puzzle together.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter Cookies....Yum Yum!

While the guys went to the Priesthood session of General Conference we got together with Mom, Karee, Kellee and the kids to decorate sugar cookies. I love sugar cookies and so did the kids!

Gateway Discovery...Finally!

Parker for weeks begged and sometimes just flat out told Rob that they were going to go too the Children's Museum in Salt Lake City. Finally they went on Saturday morning. It was a boys day out! They were so excited and had so much fun! Thanks Dad!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We are back!!

Sorry about the absence ... I am going to attempt to update our blog with the last months activities. It will take me a couple of days...but here we go... :)